Student Gallery Graphic Design

The website is uniquely designed to review popular and not so popular logo designs. It is an online gallery that showcases unique logos and write up short critique of them based on their design as well as the function of the organization that owns them. It’s a great way of putting your organization out on the internet to have experts analyze your emblem and talk about your company. You are allowed to submit them while designers are allowed to make as many submission as they care to whether they are in the USA or France. Each will be reviewed before being posted online and you can use it to build up a credible online portfolio.

logo design gallery

Some of the things that can influence a logo design includes, the company colors, what they do or if it’s a product; what the product does and input from the company or product owner. Of course the biggest influence on any logo design is the artist that does the artwork. He or she is the one that gets to interpret and translate the various contributions and influences into a a logo that should satisfy everyone. The country or region where the company is based may also play a part. Someone from Oregon may want something different from a person from Florida. Inspiration can come from anywhere and creativity can give wings to dull ideas.

When you have a logo and graphic design gallery, start marketing it with a site. Show an overview of the whole thing. Have blog, your info, a location map, logo and print galleries, and links to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Develop a great branding as a designer. Your image should be worth remember like that of Nike. Your marketing initiative should focus on your image. Use and select the best thumbnails to showcase. Have a copyright on your images and communications. With that site on WordPress, you can have people from Croatia and Germany see your website and creative side as designer. Let users leave inspirations and comments on your posts.

Online artistic galleries that inspires tend to be specialized. They may concentrate on just an aspect of art like logo design artwork and serve up a uniqueness that will be hard to find anywhere else. Sites like does just that. Submissions are carefully vetted before being uploaded online. It is not an all comers affair since a certain logo design standard has to be maintained. This means that you can email your artwork from Norway, Denmark or Croatia and rest assured that if it passes their test, it will be posted to their gallery. You can draw real inspiration from such sites because they maintain a very high standard.

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